Tights Season Rules!

Ok, so we have mentioned in previous posts how much we love the warm weather and how sad we are to see it go, but come on ladies and gents, we just have to embrace the colder weather and look at the following positive reasons as to why the season of tights (A.K.A autumn and winter) proves to be awesome:
1. Say goodbye to shaving your legs! If you are having a lazy week that’s fine. Tights will cover the existing thermal layer you’re growing!
2. If you wish to dress an outfit down, plain, opaque tights offer the perfect solution. Choose black or nude whilst ensuring you keep a stock of these for any occasion.
3. In contrast to the above, choose something bright and colourful to accentuate the ‘little black dress’ we all come to so heavily rely upon. Block colours, patterns such as checks, stripes and polka dots remain firm favourites.
4. You have the option to own a whole host of designs and colours giving outfits a new and unique look seven days a week. Why wouldn’t you love tights?
5. When it comes to cost, tights tend to be relatively inexpensive allowing you to collect an array of styles and designs throughout spring and summer, ready for the later part of the year.
6. They go with all shoes and boots. Versatile like waffles!
7. The comfort factor of course! Whilst wearing tights you are not restricted as you would be in trousers.
8. Legs remain shapely which is a bonus throughout the cold months when we are covered in layer upon layer of clothing.
9. No zips, buttons or clasps people!
10. Fear of ladders? Clear nail varnish at the ready or bring out the spare pair from your handbag. They don’t take up much room – not half as much as a change of trousers or skirt would!
11. Certain styles will pull your stomach in nicely, giving you a look to be confident with.
12. Woollens will keep you extra warm whilst allowing a feel of luxury.
13. You have the option of wearing summer skirts throughout the winter with the addition of tights. Again, dress them up or down depending on the colour and style of outfit you have chosen.
14. Winter is made slightly more cheerful with such a wardrobe addition!

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