October 2014

opaque tights 20/10/2014

Falling in Love with Black Opaque’s

Opaque tights have been around for many years now with a tendency to pose the question ‘are opaque’s really cool’?. The answer has remained similar throughout the last decade with a uniformed ‘no’! As luck would have it however, they appear to be making a noisy comeback this season so for those of you who follow the trends religiously, now is the time to invest (if you haven’t jumped on the band wagon already)! What are the benefits? That’s easy! Not only do they look great, they keep the chill... Read More

Who’s in the News?

Sharon Stone has made an appearance in The Mail Online recently, wowing the public once again with her incredible legs! Many will remember Ms. Stone from her iconic scene in the well-known film Basic Instinct. It was here the star was found sitting in a black leather chair, cigarette in hand (back when smoking was considered ‘cool’), legs crossed, adorned in a pair of sheer tights. Women across the world longed for legs just like that! At 57 years young, the actress was spotted wearing a pair of black skin-tight... Read More