Who’s in the News?

Sharon Stone has made an appearance in The Mail Online recently, wowing the public once again with her incredible legs! Many will remember Ms. Stone from her iconic scene in the well-known film Basic Instinct. It was here the star was found sitting in a black leather chair, cigarette in hand (back when smoking was considered ‘cool’), legs crossed, adorned in a pair of sheer tights. Women across the world longed for legs just like that!
At 57 years young, the actress was spotted wearing a pair of black skin-tight leggings as she sauntered through the airport in LA. The Mail pictured her looking fabulous as ever with tussled hair, designer sunglasses, black tank top and a jumper tied around her ‘to die for’ waist. To top off the casual outfit, Sharon Stone wore a pair of nearly knee-high boots making her look ideal for a long flight. Her toned arms, shoulder length legs and laid back nature offered onlookers exactly what they would expect from this star.
Days earlier, the same online outlet reported on Sharon Stone’s daring fashion statement when she turned up to a New York Gala braless! Not everyone would be able to pull off such a look whilst remaining classy with a hint of elegance. The sheer top covering her modesty was underneath a black satin blazer matching her trousers. We think she was missing a killer skirt and sheer tights!

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