January 2016


Saint Valentines Day

Long ago in ancient Rome, Emperor Claudius outlawed marriage for young men as he believed that without wives and families they would make better soldiers in his army. A Priest called Valentine defied this law and continued to perform weddings for young men and women in secret. When Claudius discovered this he sentenced Valentine to death, but he was martyred due to his kind and heroic acts, and became known as Saint Valentine. Another story suggests he may have been arrested for helping Christians escape the horrors of Roman prisons,... Read More


Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year 2016 marks the start of the year of the Monkey. Easily the most colourful, decadent and celebratory holidays of all cultures, Chinese New Year includes a 15 day long period of festivities involving food, dancing and of course, fireworks.   In Chinese mythology a terrifying beast known as the ‘Nian’ would appear at the start of ever year and eat the villagers, favouring the children most of all. To protect themselves, the villagers would place food outside of their homes as an offering to the Nian, and... Read More


Warm Winter Opaques

The long, chilly months between Christmas and Spring can start to make you feel like you live in thick trousers and woolly jumpers. We’ve put together a selection of our snuggest and most fashionable tights, with the hopes that you’ll feel snug enough to start wearing skirts and dresses again!   Plush Lined Tights from Charnos will protect your legs from the elements with their brushed fleece lining, acting as snuggly armour against Jack Frost. A matte black finish teams perfectly with a range of Wintry warm textures and fabrics,... Read More


Burns Night

Burns Night is a celebration of the life and poetry of Robert Burns, usually held on his birthday – 25th January, with the first being held as far back as 1802. All of the Scottish traditions we have come to know are included in the evening, including pipers, whiskey and of course, haggis! Tartan is essential for the celebrations, with men wearing kilts and women donning their finest tartan dresses and accessories. Robert Burns is one of Scotland’s most famous cultural icons, penning the unofficial Scottish anthem ‘Scots Wha Hae’,... Read More

Q&A with blogger Hosiery for Men

How long have men been wearing tights? Tights were probably invented by men. They were certainly worn by them for a long time as any look at historical paintings will show – think Henry VIII! I don’t think there was any point when men stopped wearing tights. Fashion changes of course, but men have continued to wear them. Some of the world’s leading hosiery brands, (Wolford, Falke, Kunert etc.) have all made and marketed tights for men at different times. What is happening more recently is that some of the... Read More