Create your own unique look

Create your own unique look this season by embellishing your fishnet or whalenet tights with beads, jewels, gems, sequins, flowers and appliques. Ideal for parties, festivals or just to stand out in a crowd. By taking a plain pair or even an already partly decorated pair of net tights, you can apply your own decoration and colour combination



Once you have decided on your decoration, place a sheet of card wrapped in silver foil inside your tights.  this is to minimise sticking and is easier to peel away if this does happen (use the card inner from a pair of your tights if you have one).  Then either, using glue or pre-glued hotfix stones to apply your decoration.  the best place to apply your decoration is where the net crossed, and if you are using glue, a lollypop stick makes a perfect applicator.  Move the care up ahnd down the tights to the areas you wish to decorate.




If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, you can also ahd sew appliques and material flowers to your net.  This is best done when wearing the tights as then you can see how they are going to look.



Both of these methods of decoration can be applied to holdups, stockings and socks.  Again, you can take a plain sock, or a pair which have some decoration already applied, and create a look just for you.



So if you feel like getting creative this season but don’t want to spend hours cutting and sewing, this is a quick and easy way to personalise any outfit, and I bet you get asked at least once – “where did you get those tights?” !


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