Wolfords New Snake Print Range Of Hosiery – Get On Trend

The snake print trend that has slowly been gaining traction over the years and has now officially taken over the fashion world. It has slithered its way straight onto the racks and shelves of our favourite clothing stores, and now Wolford has released a range of snake print hosiery which simply wow us!

Blotched Snake Tights

These Blotched snake print tights by Wolford are extremely striking in red rust / black colourway. These snake pattern tights become darker towards the sides making your legs look sleeker and at 80 denier they are ideal to keep you stylish and warm this winter.

Wolford Granular Poison Tights And Stay-Up

These Wolford Granular Poison tights are also available in Stay-Ups. The two-tone design features a net effect which flatters the legs. These tights are very soft on the legs and are ideal if you want a more subtle snakeskin effect

Amazonian Poison Tights

Amazonian Poison tights by Wolford are available in 3 different colours and have a shine to them. With a snake stripe running throughout them, they are a must for any snake print inspired outfit.

Crossband Net Tights & Stay Ups

These Crossband Net tights are also avaliable in a Stay Up and offer an alternative to the obvious snakeskin pattern. The reptile pattern design combined with the fishnet is reminiscent of snakeskin, these tights offer you a stylish alternative.

Diamond Snake Tights

These Diamond Snake tights are an authentic take on the snake skin effect available in 2 colours these tights are bang on trend as well as having a classical look.

Striped Snake Tights

These Striped Snake tights have a snake effect weave with a vertical pattern, available in the red rust / black colourway these tights give you the snakeskin look with a vertical stripe.

Which ever design you go for these snake pattern tights and stay up will make you feel fantastic!

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