Spooky Halloween Tights

The spooky season is almost here again and whether it’s for a party or just to mark the coming season these Halloween inspired tights will add a smile to your face. 

The over-the-knee tights by Pretty Polly and Pamela Mann are ideal for celebrating the season but not wearing a full costume. These tights are great for wearing with more formal workwear, but they still inject a sense of fun with big eyed cats, pumpkins bats etc.

Pamela Mann All Over Cobweb tights are a staple for any Halloween outfit. Can be worn with or without a costume whether you are a witch, vampire or a zombie to name just a few.

Music Legs striped / harlequin tights are great if you want to be a puppet, witch, clown or bad schoolgirl. They are available in a number of different colours and you can have horizontal or vertical stripes.

The staple of any Halloween outfit – fishnet tights – make the perfect base for a cat, witch, devil or bunny just to think of a few.

Also available are spider tights, skeleton tights, ghost and barbed wire tights which are great to build your costume around, such as a witch, dead body, ghoul or zombie just to suggest a few.

Whatever you decide to wear I hope you have a spooky time!

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