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We are proud to sell environmentally friendly and biodegradable hosiery. If you love to care about the environment keep reading to see the eco-friendly lingerie and hosiery we have to offer.

Here are our favourite eco-friendly hosiery brands:

Pretty Polly

Pretty Polly have a sustainable eco range of seamfree underwear and tights made from the first biodegradable polyamide in the world. Garments made with this innovative technology will decompose in approximately 3-5 years when properly disposed of in landfill, reducing their environmental impact.

Cami Vest and Comfort Bra

The cami vest and comfort bra are beautifully soft and comfortable pieces of underwear which are made from polyamide and elastane.  The biodegradable part is the polyamide which makes up more than 90% of the garment. The Eco-Wear range is all individually designed to fit well and be comfortable and made to work with the body, not against it, reinventing the way we think about underwear and movement. The lingerie gives a sense of luxury with balance and comfort combined, they are available in black and nude in sizes: S/M, M/L and XL.

The Seamfree Cami Vest has a beautifully soft handle with spaghetti straps. 

The Seamfree Eco-Wear Soft Comfort Bra is a lightly supportive bra with comfortable wide straps.

Seamfree Briefs and Shorts

The Eco-Wear Seamfree Briefs and Shorts are made from polyamide and elastane, with the polyamide yarn being the biodegradable part which will biodegrade in three years when correctly disposed of in land fill.  The seamfree briefs and shorts provide extreme soft comfort and superior fit. They are available in black and nude in sizes: S/M, M/L and XL.

Eco-Wear 40 and 70 Denier Opaque Tights

These beautifully soft opaque tights feature flat seams and a cotton gusset. The polyamide they are made of is biodegradable and makes up more than 90% of the tights. At the moment the elastane part is not biodegradable but Pretty Polly are working on this. Both 40 and 70 Denier are available in black in sizes: S/M, M/L and XL.

Gipsy 30 and 50 Denier Eco Tights from Recycled Yarns

Brand new to Gipsy, these Eco-Wear 30 and 50 Denier Eco Sustainable Yarn Semi-Opaque Tights.  They are made from innovative Eco Q-Nova yarn by Fulgar and Roica Eco-smart Yarn which is sustainable.  The yarns are made from left over yarns from the hosiery manufacturing process.  So not only are you looking smart whilst wearing these tights but you are also doing your bit for the environment. Both 30 and 50 denier tights are available in three sizes S/M, M/L, L/XL.


The Charnos Recycled Tights will make you feel good about yourself, not just for the look of them but that you are doing your bit for the environment by reducing our carbon footprint. They are made with luxurious Italian yarns that are produced from using the offcuts from current hosiery production.  The recycled fibres create an environmentally friendly yarn which substantially reduces effects of manufacturing, with production cutting emissions by 80% and reducing water consumption by 90%. The Charnos Recycled Tights are available in Sheer 15 denier luxurious matt tights, the super soft opaque 40 denier matt tights and opaque 70 denier.

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