Summer Sheer Tights

Are you ready to step into your summer dresses but do not feel comfortable going bare legged? You have come to the right place! Natural sheer tights are perfect to wear in the warmer months. You are still able to wear your favourite summer sandals, as we have a large range of sandal toe tights and toeless tights available. 

The benefit of wearing natural sheer tights in summer is if you get a slightly darker colour than your skin tone, it gives you a slight tan, without the need to have to fake tan. Natural tights, although they are sheer, they cover up any imperfections on your legs that you may have, allowing you to feel confident when wearing dresses or skirts. The perfect thing with ultra-sheer tights is that no one can tell you are wearing them unless they look closely, people will think your legs are naturally flawless.

Below are some of our favourite sheer tights:

The lighter denier tights give you a bare legged and polished look, perfect if you want to keep a natural look, such as the Charnos Simply Bare No Toe Tights. They are incredibly sheer, yet incredibly strong, these toeless tights have new ‘cool touch’ yarns that let your legs breathe, perfect for summer occasions.

Another popular brand of tights for summer is Aristoc Ultra Bare 7 Denier Tights, they are manufactured with Sideria yarn which gives them the strength of 15 denier, making them ideal for everyday wear.

Pretty Polly Natural 8 denier tights are designed to give your legs a perfect finish, providing a flawless foundation to compliment your skin tone. The benefit of these tights are they are treated to provide a cooling sensation during wear, as well as being finished off with a breathable high leg brief. They are available in a range of shades in the sandal toe tights or two shades in the open toe tights.

Naked 8 Tights from Wolford These airy, subtle and transparent tights are like make up for your legs. They are light like powder on the skin and are comfortable due to the stretchy yarn. The soft knitted waistband ensures a comfortable fit.

Luxe 9 Toeless Tights by Wolford were made for summer, the extremely sheer finish ensures that these tights feel especially airy. They are completely toeless and feature a clear divider for the big toe, which ensures that they sit perfectly when wearing sandals or peep toe shoes.

Falke Natural 6 Glow Tights have patented innovation being that they are the first tights that enhance your individual skin tone instead of camouflaging it. The transparent yarn lends the legs a flattering silhouette and an attractive shimmer for the ultimate natural and fresh nude look.  They have flat soft seams and the panty section has barely visible reinforcement to ensure an airy and comfortable feel.  The toe has a virtually invisible soft seam. These are perfect for summer months when your skin may tan, as these tights will always match your skin tone.

Pretty Polly Shades 8 Denier Tights

Pretty Polly have done a lot of research with lots of women with many different skin tones, to give you a range which offers a shade for most everyone.  They are sheer through with sheer toes, flat seams and a cotton gusset.  They are available in a One Size option only so check the size guide to ensure you fall within the range. 

If you prefer stockings or hold ups to tights, we have a large range of sheer stockings and hold ups in all deniers that are perfect for the summer months.

Pretty Polly Nylons Gloss Stockings feature a plain top and give you a beautiful sheer glossy leg look. Match them with one of our suspender belts to complete the look. They are also available in tights and hold ups.

Wolford Nude 8 Lace Sheer Hold Ups are designed with an ultra-sheer natural finish, the ultra-sheer makes your legs look flawless. The unreinforced toe and stunning delicate lace band make it the go-to choice for summer and bridal looks.

If you are looking for natural knee highs to wear under your summer dresses, skirts or dresses, we recommend Pretty Polly Natural Knee Highs. At 8 denier, they are very sheer giving you a very natural look. The sheer toe allows them to be worn with sandals.

Enjoy your summer with confidence with our Sheer Tights, Stockings, Hold Ups and Knee Highs, all available online at:

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