Kristina Falke – Why Tights Should Be Worn All Year Round

Hosiery Brand Falke’s International PR Director, sat down with Hello! Fashion… written by Natalie Salmon Fashion Digital Editior

Falke’s tights have adorned the legs of the world’s most revered supermodels, household names like Victoria Beckham and Princess Diana and the brand has also collaborated with the likes of Manolo Blahnik, Phillip Lim. Not to mention they have of course been championed by fellow German Karl Lagerfeld, all thanks to Kristina.

Despite marrying into the sock trade, Kristina is clearly a hosiery aficionado all of her own accord, “they make the legs look much nicer,” she tells us, “Even in the summer, I wear the Shelina which is very thin and ‘people say, oh, you’re not wearing any tights’ and my legs just look nicer…. more one colour, you know, and you don’t see every little detail on your leg which you shouldn’t see.”

“Ultra-transparent tights that give your legs an incredibly natural look, like make-up on your skin”

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Kristina gave Hello! Fashion the do’s and don’ts of hosiery

How do I prevent tights from snagging?

“Always check your fingernails before you put them on because if there’s even a small hangnail it can ruin it.”

How do I correctly wash my tights?

“Always wash them in a machine and put them into a little bag,” explains Falke, “Preferably on the wool cycle and don’t wash them over 30-40 degrees. Never put them in the tumble dryer, always air dry.”

What tight trends are going to be big for 2023?

“So much colour, a lot of colour and, and I think some glitter is coming back. I thought it was over but it’s not, we see a lot of gold coming back.”

How do you wear coloured or patterned tights?

“With black dresses and can put on some, some black tights with a pattern and you look different. It looks interesting. With the patterns and bright colours, you should put on the tights and then choose what you wear. But with a black dress, anything goes.”

How do I make my legs look longer in tights?

“If your legs are not so thin, don’t wear too bright colours. No yellow, no red, go for black and the more opaque, the better.”

Can you wear tights all year around?

“When spring comes, please keep on wearing tights, it just makes your legs look nicer.”

“Dots are a major highlight again this season. These transparent tights serve this trend with their modern polka dots. A classic, which goes perfect with any outfit and any occasion.”

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