Super Summer Stockings

Before the 1920’s, stockings were worn for warmth, but, as dress hemlines rose, women began to wear sheer stockings to cover their bare legs. Stockings would have been made from silk or rayon, then later nylon which was first introduced by a company called Dupont in America. Ladies choose to wear stockings over tights for various reasons. They can be considered healthier than tights due to having extra ventilation, and they are definately considered more alluring than tights. The downsides are that you may feel the cold during the winter... Read More


Our Top Selling Footless Tights

During the summer months (what summer do I hear you all say!) we turn to footless tights and leggings for comfort and versatility . There are so many to choose from, however the most popular styles are still the plain black or navy colours. Here are our most popular styles.                             The Gipsy brand is always popular due to their range and affordability. The first pictured is the 100 denier style available in Navy and Steel colours,... Read More


Fashion Fun Fishnets

Fishnets get their name from the way they are woven in small diamond shapes. They range in size of weave – Micronet being the smallest weave such as Wolford Twenties, Fishnet, Medium net and Whalenet being the largest, more open weave. It is not clear when or where fishnets originated from , however they are associated with the Moulin Rouge in Paris, and it is known that they were worn in America around 1908. As hemlines rose in the 1920’s women became more daring by showing their legs.    ... Read More


Celebrity Style: Little Mix

This is Little Mix. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 5 years you’ve probably heard of them. After winning the X Factor in 2011 they’ve risen in popularity with each new single, and look set to take over the World. With both Perrie Edwards and Jade Thirlwall hailing from North-eastern seaside town South Shields, we cant help but feel proud of their achievements! The girls have always been big advocates of bold and exciting hosiery, as seen here in some pictures from the start of their... Read More


End of an Era for My Tights and Tightsplease

In these uncertain and challenging times we hear all too often of long established businesses going into administration and two of the latest are competitors of ours, My Tights and Tightsplease. The online hosiery business whilst competitive, is also relatively friendly, as we often meet up with our opposition at trade shows and conferences so we are always sorry to lose colleagues. My Tights and Tightsplease were virtually founder members of the online hosiery business and set the standard for the rest of us. We have no doubt that magazine... Read More


Introducing Burlington Socks

Argyle socks have risen in popularity over the past few years, with a growing demand for bold colours and exciting yet nostalgic patterns. Perfect for injecting a burst of fun into any outfit; whether discretely hiding under trousers or being flaunted with killer heels and dresses, the Argyle sock is synonymous with fashion and patriotism. With this in mind, we have now introduced Burlington socks to our range of stocked brands! Having fairly recently become the newest member of the Falke family, their choice of products and colours is ever... Read More


Saint Valentines Day

Long ago in ancient Rome, Emperor Claudius outlawed marriage for young men as he believed that without wives and families they would make better soldiers in his army. A Priest called Valentine defied this law and continued to perform weddings for young men and women in secret. When Claudius discovered this he sentenced Valentine to death, but he was martyred due to his kind and heroic acts, and became known as Saint Valentine. Another story suggests he may have been arrested for helping Christians escape the horrors of Roman prisons,... Read More

Q&A with blogger Hosiery for Men

How long have men been wearing tights? Tights were probably invented by men. They were certainly worn by them for a long time as any look at historical paintings will show – think Henry VIII! I don’t think there was any point when men stopped wearing tights. Fashion changes of course, but men have continued to wear them. Some of the world’s leading hosiery brands, (Wolford, Falke, Kunert etc.) have all made and marketed tights for men at different times. What is happening more recently is that some of the... Read More


Christmas Stockings – The Origin

Here at Tights Tights Tights there’s one festive tradition that resonates with us more than others – hanging Christmas stockings! We started to wonder where this idea came from, and why it has become such an integral part of a family Christmas, with most children (and adults!) continuing with the custom. Some hang theirs along the fireplace, others at the end of the bed. While there are variations on the story which started it all, the basis is still the same. A very long time ago, a poor man lived... Read More

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Top 5 Shaper Tights

5. Charnos Killer Figure Hourglass Control Tights Perfect for when you want to shape and sculpt a perfect hourglass silhouette. 15 denier Available in black or natural Flat seams Smooths hips Flattens tummy Cotton gusset           4. Pretty Polly In Control 50 Denier Shaper Tights An everyday opaque with super secret shaping action. The 50 denier thickness makes these tights ideal for nights out as well as day to day wear. 50 denier Medium control Tummy shaping Matte Finish Black            ... Read More